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Is your Weighing Scale Not Budging? 2018-11-22T11:01:59

Is your Weighing Scale Not Budging?

If you are looking to lose weight and your weighing scale doesn’t show any changes, don’t be disheartened. No difference on the scale doesn’t mean you are not losing weight.

Of course this stands true for a few body types, but that doesn’t make this topic irrelevant. When you are losing weight by training at the gym, your body is also gaining light muscle mass which results in no difference on the weighing scale. Instead of the weighing scale, you can instead Look at the difference in your clothes and understand that you have lost inches, which is very very important. This means that maybe you are losing it without realizing. So next time your weight doesn’t budge, do not loose hope. A lot of factors which prevent the weighing scale from showing the difference for days at a stretch. Maybe the hormones are not supporting the change in your body and hence retaining more water, maybe you are gaining muscle mass. Eating the right kind of food is also very important for your body to show that difference.

It is very important to understand that relying completely on the weighing scale to measure your weight loss or to understand if you have lost any weight at all, is wrong. Your old clothes are the best way to check any difference – see if your denims fit you differently. Also measure your inches and check if there is any difference in them.

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