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“Winter- It” The Correct Way 2018-11-29T06:31:59

“Winter- It” The Correct Way

It’s officially Winters and the biggest Myth is going to be busted. Winters are not only the Gaining Season. If you are living in the bubble that losing weight is impossible in winters and you can only gain, then you are absolutely wrong. While you are tempted to eat the “Panjiri” and the “Pinnis”, you can also lose the extra flab by hitting the gym. Studies have shown that when we exercise in winters, our vital organs use more calories to perform the normal functions thereby helping you in losing weight. Also if you are wearing more layers, your body will automatically sweat more and give you the desired results. Exercising helps in releasing the right amount of hormones in your brain, which actually motivates you to workout more. Also in winter your muscle mass increases more, which gets replaced for the fat.

However there are some precautions which you should definitely take :-

  1. Ensure that you warm up and cool down: Warming up before your workout and cooling down after your workout becomes extremely necessary to avoid any sort of wear and tear of your muscles.
  2. Drink Plenty of Fluids: Most of us drink less quantity of water during winters, however this harms  the body and reduces the speed of losing weight. The more water you drink, the more waste your body drains out. This rules stands true all year round.
  3. Set a Goal – Set a goal and keep a time span during which you have to reach your goal. This will keep you motivated.
  4. Wear the right kind of gym wear – Make sure you are wearing the right clothes according to the weather so that you don’t get ill.


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